Ljubljana, Slovenija – Avgust 2010

Dear Kenshi, You are cordially invited to Slovenia’s 3rd Kendo seminar and 1st Samurai Cup, which will take place in Ljubljana, between 19th and 22nd of August 2010, with sensei Nobuo Hirakawa (Kyoshi 8.Dan Kendo, 7.Dan Iaido) in charge.

Sensei Hirakawa is a Kendo instructor at Meiji University. He is also a member of distinguished group of Japanese masters, who teach and expand Kendo throughout the World. That is also the main reason why he comes to Belgium every year since 1980 and helps with Kendo development in Europe. As an very active member of Kendo expanding program, he also travels and leads seminars in other European countries.

The seminar is organised by Slovenian Kendo Federation (KZS) in collaboration with All Belgium Kendo Federation (ABKF) which helps with coordination of Hirakawa sensei’s schedule.

Contact: For additional information please use our e-mail: or visit this web site During the seminar please use this phone number: +386 (0)30 321 771 (Peter Topić).